Go to the throne, not to the phone

Several years ago, I had the misfortune of getting my cell phone wet, twice within one week!  The first time I dropped it in the water I panicked knowing that I could not access the numbers in my phone.  I was also concerned about missing important messages since my phone was not working.  

The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Are you as concerned about the messages I am sending you as you are about the messages from your friends?”  That was a very convicting thought.  The second time, which occurred two days later, I accidently fell into the pool with my phone in my pocket.  I told the Lord that I was getting the message loud and clear! ☺  I’m thankful that the Arizona sun plus rice brought my phone back to life both times. I’m even more grateful that Jesus is ON CALL and His line is always open 24/7!                                                                                     

THE PARABLE OF THE CELL PHONE . . . by Barbara Pinkley

“Many times God teaches me through simple things that touch my life.  This week I began missing telephone calls because my phone stopped ringing.  No ring could be heard even if someone called me.  I tried to go into my phone and reset the settings so that the volume would go up, but it still wouldn’t change.  I went to other friends who had the same type of phone to see if I was doing something wrong and we realized that one of the buttons wasn’t functioning like it should so I couldn’t correct the problem.   I thought “a phone that can’t be heard, isn’t really of much use, if I want to hear from others”.   I was thinking I probably would need to get a new phone.  After thinking about it for a while I finally decided to slide a piece of paper in and out around the button to see if a dust particle had gotten into it.  Sure enough, there must have been just a tiny particle of dirt around one side of the button that made it impossible to scroll.  It was impossible to change the setting until the dirt particle was removed.  LESSON:  This is like sin in our lives.  If sin is not removed (no matter how small it seems), it can keep us from hearing God’s voice and from functioning as we should.  May God speak to you as well to show you areas of your life that need taken care of so you can hear HIS voice and be better used by HIM.”      

                                                                                                                                                       Desiring to stay in touch with Jesus 24/7!